Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Would Happen?

There has been a tremendous outpouring of love and support for the Cromack family in the past few weeks.  I was able to visit Tracy at their house yesterday and peek in on Scott for a brief minute.  I feel comfortable saying this:

That anything we can do for this family is not enough.  No amount of money can replace a father or a husband.  What they are going through is the stuff nightmares are made of and this will stay with them all for the rest of their lives.

Together, we have been a source of light for the Cromack family.  I told Tracy today that we are in the beginning stages of forming a non-profit, Friend to Friend, inspired by Scott and the rallying that has occurred around their family.  He won't be forgotten and that is one powerful legacy to leave behind.

Once the Cromack family does not need us to raise funds, we will begin working towards the goal of being able to provide similar services to other families.

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