Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I was born in a Small Town

I'll have to admit it.  There are times when I didn't like being from Turners Falls, Massachusetts.  Everybody knows everybody and well, if you grew up there, you understand.

Today, I am so proud to be from Turners Falls.  I have always said, I love the internet because for all of the lack of "face" time you may experience with others because of it, the knowledge, support and resources available to you on the internet are endless.

You can reach all over the place.  You can talk to classmates (or at least stalk their Facebook profile) you haven't seen in twenty, ahem, years.

You can help a former classmate who is no longer in the capacity to help himself.

Did you see the post today from George Croteau, a very quiet member from the TFHS Class of 1990?

Here it is:

" How amazing is it that even though many of us have left the comfort of our small town we call home as soon as there is a problem with a friend and schoolmate from our youth who we may have not even seen or thought about in 20 years need help everyone jumps in and helps in anyway they can.we all grew up in such an amazing place where everyone is family and there is no outsiders just people who will help your fellow man with out wanting anything in return.  I wish the whole world could sit back and see this is how everyone should be. What a better world it would be, so in this holiday season if you can please help this family please it does not matter how small of a donation you can make will help if you can not make a donation cause we all know times are hard for many people send your prayers and keep in mind this could be anyone of us."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

And as the journey continues, the practical side of things is also being handled with such amazing generosity.

Those of you that know "Big Lew" owner of BTU, or graduated with "Lewie" in high school, might not know "Mr. Collins" girls basketball coach during the late 1980's and 1990.  I still can't really call him Lew or Lewie, but I can tell you this...he could keep up with any one of us girls, outrun us, outshoot us and he was a great guy to have yelling at you during a basketball game.

I asked him about paying for and using BTU for a "celebration of life" party, to help Tracy who wants to get a plan in place.  Here was his reply:

"I have no problem at all with you gathering at BTU, wouldn't even think of charging you for the space, I guess my question would only be when, what time and how many do you expect so I can be prepared for staffing, etc, let me know because I've got the place if you need it.

Count on it Missy, I'll be here with the place for you just keep in close contact with me on details as they come in ok? Whatever questions you have just ask, I'll do what I can to make this part easy for everyone ok? Talk to you soon.


If you ask, people will deliver.

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  1. I agree completely with this! I was blown away by George's comment today, and have been moved to tears by the support being given to the Cromack family, THIS is what it's all about.