Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you.

Thank you to those of you that are finding this site through Facebook.  As I see more and more people sharing the link, I thought maybe I should provide a more complete update why I am pushing to raise funds.

It is hard to be VERY clear here, on this public site because the Cromacks are very private people.  They have never asked for help and are extremely grateful for the support they have received from the community.

Scott is a fighter.  He has fought a grade IV glioblastoma for almost two years.  He had another malignant brain tumor in 2004 and did not see a return of symptoms until January 2009, when they discovered new growth.

Scott's most recent Facebook post on December 15, 2011:  "They tell me I am done I should sign a dnr I say hell no all I hear is fight fight".  He is not ready to give up.  He has three teenage kids and has been their provider since they were born.

I am raising funds for a number of reasons, first of which is to give the three kids some kind of a Christmas.   Second, after years of expensive medical copays, any financial surplus is likely exhausted.  I don't do their taxes and I don't ask too many questions, but I can only imagine what would happen to my family if our main provider was out of work for years and then had large medical copays.

I believe that the family is going through enough.  His wife is at home taking care of him with the help of visiting nurses and Scott's parents who remain by his side 24/7.  With three kids and a husband who needs all of his strength to fight, the family deserves a little slack and that is what we can provide:  a little financial slack until they are able to get his affairs in order.

It doesn't take much.  With all of the posts, we are reaching thousands of people.  What if everyone sent $5?

We live in a powerful society, with social networking we can reach thousands of people in minutes.  Why not harness that power?

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