Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update from the Cromacks

Scott started his 4th course of Chemotherapy July 1st. He does 3 weeks of Chemo, he gets 1 week off, then he repeats the cycle all over again. He fatigues easily, but he is doing well considering everything he has been through. Scott has a wonderful Medical Team in Boston that monitors him closely and is pleased with his progress so far. Scott continues to have a positive outlook and a great sense of humor.

Thank you to all who have continued to offer their thoughts and prayers to our family.

Sincerely, Scott, Tracy & Family

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 30, 2010

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support & prayers. We have been overwhemled & touched by the generosity of so many of you. We appreciate everyones thoughtfulness during this difficult time. We have received many messages via the internet and many heartfelt cards in the mail. There have been many of you who have called, txt'ed or e-mailed to check up on not only Scott, but on all of us and that is so thoughtful. We've had neighbors, family & friends bring us meals and that has been very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you again everyone for your warm wishes, prayers & means more to us than you know.

Sincerely, Scott, Tracy & family

Monday, March 29, 2010

Update from Tracy

For those that are following the Cromack Family through this site, Tracy sent me an email to post on the blog.

Scott deveolped an infection in mid February which required him to be hospitalized. He was put on two different types of IV antibiotics for a period of 3 weeks to treat his infection. Due to Scott's prior 3 brain tumor surgeries & prior radiation treatments Scott has had problems with his incision healing. Due to these health problems Scotts Chemotherapy treatments have been delayed....we are hopeful that Scott will be well enough in the coming weeks to start his Chemo treatments.

~Thank you to all who have sent prayers & warm wishes to our family. Sincerely, Scott, Tracy & family

Scott was diagnosed with a Oligoastrocytoma Grade 3 in 2004, and a Glioblastoma Grade 4 in 2010. He will go to Boston soon for further testing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Way to Help Out

Heather Muthig, a friend of the Cromack Family, has created a great design and is donating all sale proceeds to the Cromack Family Fund. She opened a Store Front at Cafe Press where you can purchase her LOVE design on a number of different T-shirts and Coffee Mugs.

Great job Heather! Coming together for the common good is what this is all about.

To view Heather's creation, CLICK HERE.

As far as a medical update on Scott:

He is home and recuperating and waiting on pathology results that he will receive within a few weeks. He is in good spirits (as always) and keeping a positive attitude. The love and support everyone has shown the Cromacks during this difficult time has been vital to their well being.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

We are home and Scott is resting comfortably. Due to the proximity of the tumor, unfortunately the Surgeon could not remove it all and more treatments will be needed in order to manage what remains.

We will be heading back to Boston within the next 2 weeks to meet with our team of doctors to discuss prognosis and treatment options which may include radiation and/or chemotherapy.

We are truly Thankful to all who have reached out to our family and offered their prayers, warm wishes and support during this very difficult time in our lives.

Sincerely, Tracy, Scott & family

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Energy, Light, Prayer and Hope

Whatever your spirituality or religious beliefs,

please send your Energy,

your Light,

your Prayers,

and your Hope to Scott today. February 3, 2010

Who will be operated on in Boston starting at 1:30 for a period of at least 5 hours.

A quick recovery....

A non-aggressive tumor....
There is power in collective prayer/meditation.
Let's send it today.