Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Bigger Picture

People are truly amazing.

I have been receiving Facebook private messages and friend requests from a large number of friends of the Cromacks in the past week.  All I can say is that people are wonderful.

I've been asked their address:  94 Rachael Terrace, Westfield, MA  01085.  The three kids are Tyler (19), Haleigh (17) and Trent (15).  I've been asked over and over what they want for gifts.  They are quiet kids, grateful for the things people are doing for their family.  They don't have huge Christmas lists and they just don't expect much under the current situation.

I know a few things about their Christmas this year.  Gina Gordon has purchased three netbooks for the kids.  As a group, we raised enough to purchase a family desktop that is on the way to the house.  Kenny Burke was ready to buy them himself and so little does he know he will be called to duty to set it all up for them.  He has also been visiting and willing to bring food or anything they need.

I've heard through the grapevine that Chanda Waryasz is collecting gift certificates for the family.  I haven't talked directly to her, but I hear gift certificates are on their way.

Joanne Papidimitriou has been organizing meal delivery and cooking for the family. 

Charlotte Edwards has been handing them money, getting groceries and is willing to help take care of Scott if needed to give Tracy and Mr. and Mrs. Cromack a little respite.

Numerous people have shared my updates on Facebook and THAT has made a significant impact on the message getting out to more people.  Thank you those that share this message on Facebook.  It only takes a click, but it makes a big difference.

Carrie Tirrell has been available to Tracy 24/7 either by phone or in person to help her through the journey.  She's also taken Haileigh out shopping and the kids out to lunch, just to get them out of house.  She's a good Auntie Carrie to those kids and an invaluable best friend to Tracy.

Scott's parents haven't left his side in weeks.  They are the "night shift" together, taking care of all of his needs.  Yes, they are his parents, but still.  Mr. and Mrs. Cromack are completely dedicated to caring for Scott as long as he needs them.

I have heard from Lisa Abbey Lessing, who is the store manager of Stop and Shop in West Springfield.  She donated a $50 gift certificate, a ham dinner with any sides they want on behalf of her store.

There is also a significant number of people who are actively praying for Scott and his family.  Praying for peace, sending energy, light, however you want to say it.  I've heard almost daily from Jennifer Hubert McCabe.  I've received beautiful messages from Ama Allison (Ahearn), Jennifer Graves Bassett, Eric Sauter, Eric Wartel, Tiffany Whitfill, Kathy Webber, Joe Dagilus and a number of others that I can't recollect at the moment.

It's not just about the Cromack family, but about the ability of a group of people to come together for a collective cause.  Whether you are raising money for a playground (congrats Nicki Letourneau, Dani Letourneau, Kristy McKay Kim), supporting a child with leukemia (GO Team Momo), driving your sister in law to radiation treatments in Boston, running a fundraiser DU for a cause (Sue Scott, a running fundraiser this year for Dylan Moore) you can make a difference.  Find what inspires you and go for it.  The response you receive will surprise you.

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