Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Before we all begin to celebrate the holidays, before we unplug from Facebook to enjoy spending time with our family and friends, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has made a difference in the lives of the Cromack family during the most trying of times.  Thank you to those that have decided that they are ready to do something bigger with their talents, generosity and motivation.

I have written with enough members of the newly forming Friend to Friend to be certain of this:  That many people are inspired by the strength of the Cromack family and the resilience with which Scott has fought this long hard battle with a brain tumor.  We are motivated to help more families and have found collective strength in each other.  Thank you Scott and Tracy Cromack for giving us this motivation and strength.

Enjoy your holidays everyone.  Please continue to send your light/energy/prayers to Scott, for peace, comfort and painless rest.  I wouldn't be me if I didn't say feel free to donate, too, but so many of you have been very generous and I thank you all so, so much.

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